Are External Resprays Suitable For Winter?

One of the most ? if not the most ? important factor to consider when carrying out external spray works is the weather. Temperature and moisture have a substantial effect on paint application ? meaning external respray works should be avoided in poor weather conditions such as: rain, snow and freezing temperatures. Ideally, external respray works are best suited to the Spring/Summer months where the weather is most likely to be dry and warm.

As a company, we do recommend to keep internal respray works to the winter months ? and of course ? external works to the summer months. We do understand that this isn?t always achievable, so below is a quick-tip guide on how to spray outdoors in the winter. With the correct materials, in-depth training and some experience ? there should be little hindrance to your projects.

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Always ensure that moisture is removed from surfaces which are to be resprayed. Prior to paint application. This is one of the most important steps to carry out during the winter months! It is common that moisture and frost sits on surfaces which are to be resprayed ? of course, this is where issues arise as a coating will not adhere to a damp substrate. If it does appear that the coating has bonded to the surface ? and the moisture has not been removed properly prior to the recoating ? this will cause the moisture to become trapped – which leads to premature failure of the paint work.

Curing time will always increase in lower temperatures. Ensure your newly coated surfaces are given enough protection once complete ? avoiding any damage to paintwork whilst it is still soft.

Weather!?Not only is it important to check the weather for the day of the respray works ? but also up to two days after your coating has been applied. As mentioned above, curing takes a lot longer in colder months ? therefore poor weather conditions such as heavy rain may damage the surface once complete.

It is essential to check your coatings temperature range! It is close to impossible for some systems to cure at all in extremely low temperatures. Always do your research and ensure you are using the correct product in line with the correct weather.

Why Should I Spray My UPVC?

As a trade, on-site spray painting has grown over the past three years – especially where domestic business is concerned. UPVC windows and doors are extremely costly to replace, not to mention time consuming and the mess of redecorating and replastering you’re left with once completed. Respraying your windows and doors has become 2018’s new cost effective trend with homeowners – old and new! Not only are you adding value to your property, but saving a huge amount of money too!?

So, if you haven’t already had your windows and doors resprayed – why? We hope that a handful of these benefits may lead you in the right direction as to why the next thing on your ‘to do’ list should be respraying your UPVC…?


Using our ‘Technique’ can save you thousands. With no need to remove, replace and redecorate – we can be completed within the day*. With our window prices starting at just ?50 and doors at ?160 – it proves up to 80% cheaper than buying new.?


Depending on the work you’re having carried out to your home works can be completed in just two hours*. With our paint touch-dry in just TEN minutes there’s no mess and no fuss.?


We stock every RAL and BS colour on the market, making each and every respray perfectly personalised to your property!?


We use only the best paint on the market! All respray works are accompanied with a guarantee and a 9 year life expectancy.?

If you require more information, or you’d like your very own free no obligation quotation – get in touch today. Head over to our ‘Contact’ page for our social media links, e-mail address and telephone numbers.

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RAL7016 – A Customer Favourite!”

Using RAL7016 Anthracite Grey – our most popular choice of colour – this home has had a completely modernised transformation.

Our skilled sprayers carry out all necessary prep and prime works to ensure your re-spray has an immaculate finish every time.

Take a look at the stages of work on this project that we go through to create that perfect end result…

Oldham Window Respray

Our customer, Aimee, contacted us regarding a window re-spray at her home in Lees, Oldham.

Aimee wanted her three front of house windows re-sprayed to match the existing front door and porch, but without the heavy cost of new. We were able to come on site prior to the works, colour match to existing and create a completely new look!

Using RAL 9003 ?Signal White?, we were able to create a perfect match to the porch and front door in just a few hours.

By having her windows re-sprayed, rather than replaced, thousands of pounds have been saved and Aimee is over the moon with the results!

Accrington Home Re-spray

Home Gets Makeover Windows, Doors & Garage

This semi-detached home in Stalybridge, Cheshire had a full front of house respray. Going from white to Anthracite Grey, our spray team transformed the look of this whole house in just one day.

Respraying your existing uPVC windows and doors saves you time, mess and a lot of money! As opposed to brush painting, you get that flawless factory finish and with any RAL colour of your choice, you can personalise the look of your property. Fancy a change of colour? Or want to match new? There?s no job too big or small for our team.

home window respray in Stalybridge Cheshire

Royton UPVC Window and Door Spray

Our customer, Lauren, contacted us regarding a respray at her home in Royton, Greater Manchester.

Recently, she had had her front door and surrounding windows and frames replaced. Lauren’s existing uPVC frames and door were RAL 8016 ‘ Mahogany Brown’, so when she had her existing replaced with new – she wanted to change the look of her home – to RAL 9010 ‘Pure White’ with a ‘Jet Black’ RAL 9005 front door.

We were able to come on site to Lauren’s home and transform the look of her existing uPVC windows which she had not had replaced. Using RAL 9010 ‘Pure White’, we were able to create a perfect match to the ones she had recently replaced.

By having her windows resprayed, rather than replaced, thousands of pounds have been saved and Lauren is over the moon with the results!