Ceiling Resprays

Here at Technique Coatings, we understand that the key to spray painting any type of ceiling is all in the masking and preparation techniques. Whatever the environment whether it be retail, offices or restaurants ? we work quickly, efficiently and accurately ensuring each ceiling looks as good as new ? without impacting your business.

Our spray specialists are able to professionally spray a variety of mineral fibre and metal pan ceilings. By using our high-quality water based coating ? which is both fast drying and practically odourless ? occupied premises are able to return almost immediately after re-sprays have been carried out.

Our on-site ceiling re-sprays are completed following extensive masking and preparatory works of surrounding areas ? meaning there is no need for you to remove furniture from rooms which are to be recoated. These types of re-sprays are regularly completed outside of normal working hours to ensure that disruption to your business is at a minimum.

  • Cladding repair & re-spray
  • Curtain walling repair & re-spray
  • Roof linings
  • Spray Painting
  • Structural steelwork
  • Supermarket fittings

Recent Ceiling Sprays