Ceiling Void & Soffit Resprays

Extensively used within refurbishments of large office spaces, supermarkets and warehouses, our on-site recoating service for ceiling voids and soffits has become highly requested within the construction industry.

Using the highest quality products on the market paired with our Airless Paint System, this boasts excellent product adhesion to both concrete and metal surfaces, alongside a quick and efficient recoating of ceiling voids, soffits and steel works.

This particular respraying service is most commonly completed on empty large scale commercial premises; therefore we take into consideration that works need to be completed with minimum disruption to other trades on site and within a quick time-frame. Breaking down a programme of works which includes dividing the area into sections ensures that the team will focus and complete one section at a time.

Being the UK?s leading company for on-site paint spraying, we are regularly required to carry out a variation of resprays ? guaranteeing a resilient and professional finish every time. Contact us today to find out more information about our curtain wall repairing and respraying services, and to receive a free no obligation quote.