Curtain Wall Spraying

The spraying of curtain walling is most commonly completed on large scale commercial premises and provides you with the ultimate cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing.

Spraying your existing curtain walling can offer an incredible change in appearance for your business premises, leaving a lasting impression to clients, customers and staff members. Although aesthetics are important, it is essential to ensure the coating applied is both weather resistant and corrosion proof to ensure full durability, attaining a longer life for your existing frames.

Understanding that businesses are the most common client for this particular service, it is essential that works are completed with minimal disruption to trade, therefore a project package is created; with the project being completed outside of normal working hours, or, by splitting the curtain walling into sections ensuring a team will focus and complete one area at a time.

This service is available across the whole of the UK and subject to a free site survey.