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On-Site Kitchen Respray Cheshire

What Is A Kitchen Respray?

Spray painting your existing kitchen units provides you with the opportunity to create your dream kitchen on a budget. Not like traditional painting techniques, our Cheshire kitchen spraying services and methods are quicker, cheaper and guarantee a smoother and more durable finish. We've been offering affordable Kitchen Respray in Cheshire for a number of years and have grown a reputation for excellent work thanks to our profession on-site team.

At Technique On-Site Coatings we use professional paint products and top of the range HVLP spraying equipment – paired with impeccable preparatory methods – allows us to provide an expert kitchen spraying service throughout Cheshire and the UK, with our quality second to none, clients in Cheshire choose us when wanting their kitchens spraying.

Professional Kitchen Spraying
In Cheshire - The Process

So, what does our professional kitchen spraying in Cheshire involve? From the minute we walk through your door, your home is treated just like our own. We begin by protecting all areas of your kitchen – including surrounding walls, floors and work surfaces – this is to ensure no dust will make its way to places it shouldn’t.

Once the protection is in place, we clean down all of your existing units making sure all existing grime, grease and dirt is removed from your units. Sanding is our next step as this gives the paint a good surface to grip too. Once these two processes are complete, it’s time to mask. Masking is the most time-consuming part of your kitchen respray, masking intricately ensures there’s no messy lines, so this stage needs to be absolutely perfect.

Now your preparatory work is complete, it’s time to apply your coating. First, we go in and give your existing units a full coat of primer; this gives a sound base for the paint. Using a HVLP spray machine, your colour of choice is applied, this is usually around two to three coats, or until the depth of your colour is achieved. In between each coat, a de-nibbing process is completed, ensuring each a smooth, flawless finish when it comes to your final colour coat. The spray work itself is now complete.

Once the physical spraying of the kitchen is complete, we'll show you the final product, ensuring you’re one hundred percent happy before de-masking takes place. Once this is confirmed, we de-mask all units and protected areas, as well as wiping down all work surfaces – leaving your kitchen just the way we found it!

Benefits To Spray Painting
Your Kitchen In Cheshire

The professional products we use haven’t changed once within our years of trade, they have been used in our own homes, and demonstrate the highest quality coating with the highest protection against your busy kitchen units. Alongside the aesthetic benefits, the kitchen respray service provides an abundance of other benefits such as:

COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO REMOVING AND REPLACING - The costs of replacing your kitchen can set you back thousands of pounds, with the outcome essentially giving you the same living space, with an aesthetic alteration. Spraying your kitchen can be up to 80% cheaper without the hassle of buying new cabinets, handles and appliances to suit.

Respraying not only saves you money on replacing, but also saves you money on what the cost of disposing and removing your old units would be. With our on-site respraying services, there is no need to remove of any old units, so you can save on these disposal fees too!

ENHANCES MARKETABILITY TO POTENTIAL BUYERS OR RENTERS - Whether you’re a homeowner, property renter or landlord – the kitchen is the heart to every home – so making a kitchen appealing will always enhance marketability to not only your home in general, but to potential buyers and renters too.

LESS INTRUSIVE THAN REPLACEMENT - When spraying your kitchen, our specialists will confine themselves to the kitchen and spray everything in –situ, as opposed to ripping, removing and reinstalling all of your cupboards and drawers.

Although your units will need a couple of days to cure completely, our kitchen respray is usually completed within one working day and our specialist paint is touch-dry within 10 minutes, allowing you to still live in a functional kitchen as soon as spraying is complete and your units have been de-masked.

LESS MESS AND STRESS THAN KITCHEN REPLACEMENT - Spraying your existing kitchen units comes with less mess and less stress than removing and replacing. Prior to any coating being applied to your kitchen units, everywhere is protected including any surrounding walls, floors and units which are not to be sprayed – ensuring full protection.

The spray machines we use are HVLP, this stands for high volume low pressure, meaning with us, there’s no risk of over-spray in any other rooms or on any surfaces! The minimal amount of spray which will not be applied to the kitchen is to be extracted through our professional extraction system, leaving no room for mess.

FLEXIBILITY WITH COLOUR AND FINISH - When spraying your existing units, you are given full flexibility on both the colour and finish you desire. Whether you want to keep it simple with a matt white or go bold with a glossy pink, our spraying services will allow you to do just that and make your existing kitchen your own!

All of our colours are stocked in a matt, eggshell or gloss finish with all shades available from RAL, Farrow and Ball and British Standard. Having a range of over 1000 colours to choose from allows you to change your kitchen as the years go on suiting more modern décor and design choices, without a huge cost.

Your kitchen can become completely unrecognisable with a simple respray, handle change and new worktop. Don’t let the scary cost of a new kitchen put you off a ‘new’ kitchen.

FASTER TURNAROUND TIME - Spraying your kitchen is such a quick process, with most projects completed in just one day. If you’re removing and replacing your kitchen, this can take weeks, leaving your important living space out of action for huge periods of time.

How Do I Know The Spraying Will
Be Carried Out By Professionals

Here at Technique On-Site Coatings, we pride ourselves on producing a flawless factory finish every, single time. From preparation and masking techniques, to finalising the job and wiping down the worktops, each and every home is treated like our own – with the upmost respect and care. Every one of our kitchen sprayers in Cheshire are highly experienced and take pride in their work.

All of our kitchen respraying projects in Cheshire, no matter how big or small, come with an unmatched aftercare service and guarantee. Our business is fully insured and construction scheme certified – assuring you that your home is in the safest hands at all times. Our five star reviews and customer comments speak volumes and will put your mind at ease:

“On moving into our new house the kitchen looked a little dated and dark. Since the units are of good quality and in good condition it seemed a shame to do a complete refurb. Technique Coatings offer a great service to strike that perfect middle ground. With a few other surrounding updates and a respray of the units it looks like we’re on our way to having a brand new kitchen! The finish is brilliant, the pictures don’t really do it justice. I would 100% consider using the same service again in the future if we are in the same position. Very professional, on time, communication excellent, workmanship 5*”

“From enquiry to the finished respray of our kitchen, Technique Coatings were very helpful and informative. All works were carried out with great care and the minimum of disruption. I would highly recommend!”

“I would definitely recommend Technique to anybody considering a kitchen respray. From start to finish, they were professional, responded quickly to all enquiries amd were really helpful when considering our choices with colour and finish. The guys who came to complete the respray were polite, professional and friendly.”

This service is available to specific areas of the UK only – please contact us for further details.

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