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On-Site Spray Painting

Here at Technique On-Site Coatings Ltd, we offer a wide range of paint spraying services from decorative domestic packages to repairing and recoating commercial properties. Our specialist team offer the best advice to ensure every re-spray package is best suited to each client's needs.

Our methods are quicker and cheaper than traditional painting techniques and ensure a smoother finish than a brush or roller. Conventional wet spraying is most definitely the best solution for a faster, more cost effective finish.

As a company, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service alongside delivering the highest quality spray packages. We are one of the UK's most requested on-site sprayers for numerous brands such as McDonalds, Post Office, Tesco and many more.

Using professional high standard coatings, only the best equipment, impeccable preparatory skills and specialist spraying techniques – our quality is second to none. We aim to provide superior spray finishes to an abundance of architectural surfaces. With such a high standard of work, we are frequently contacted by not only domestic customers, but also by Architects and Surveyors who work on a variety of refurbishment schemes for retail stores, commercial offices, industrial units and fast-food chains.

Our experienced and professional on-site spray specialists complete a wide range of spray painting projects each day across the UK and all of the team here at Technique Coatings would be more than happy to work alongside you for your next spraying project

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