When Betfred, York contacted us regarding graffiti damage to their property – we knew just the solution. Graffiti can not only damage your shop front and shutters, but also the appearance of your company and the way it is perceived. By using our anti-graffiti respray technique, we can provide you and your business with the perfect solution!

Our spray team arrived on site in York to begin the respray, starting with the necessary preparatory work to the shop front, including; cleaning down the shutters, removing existing graffiti and masking out surrounding areas. The respray is then carried out applying layers to achieve the RAL colour, an anti-graffiti coating is then applied – this is the crucial part as it ensures any future graffiti will not bond to the shutter.

The works at York Betfred have now been complete and our client is over the moon with the works.

If you have similar problems with your shop front and shutters contact us today!