One of our McDonalds respray projects has been carried out in Chadderton, Oldham this week. Here, our team have resprayed all of the existing windows – both internal and external, along with all existing fascia’s and soffits. Our team have completed the works and left the store manager more than happy with the results.

After looking weathered and faded over time, our spray team recoated the windows, fascia’s and soffits in MK112E ? this is the green colour you?ll see in most McDonalds. Our guys carried out the necessary preparatory work to each area, including; cleaning, sanding and masking out the glass and any other surrounding areas. Once this was complete, our team were able to spray our hard wearing paint to the existing necessary areas.

The before, during and after photographs are viewable below. We are happy with the respray and look forward to further work with other McDonalds up and down the country.