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UPVC Respray
Greater Manchester

As opposed to replacing your existing windows, respraying can provide you with a cost effective solution to replacing. Respraying is the ultimate answer to updating your existing frames on a budget whether they are looking dull and lifeless, or just require an aesthetic alteration. We are able to make the ultimate transformation to your property both internally and externally.

Take a look at this project we completed in Mossley, Greater Manchester. Our Client chose to transform their existing white weathered and mis-match frames to RAL7033 ‘Cement Grey’ with an eggshell finish. In just two days, all existing windows and doors were re-coated on site and now look just like new.

Surface areas are masked, cleaned, prepped and primed prior to the respray. Using only the best product on the market, our paint is applied using a HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray machine which keeps over-spray to a minimum. Once paint has been applied onto frames, it creates an extremely hard-wearing bond with the surface which is expected to last nine years +. Once the coating is fully applied, the surface is touch dry within ten minutes and cures fully within 3/4 days. As well as the above, we also remove all existing silicon and replace to match your new frame as a company, we believe this is the finishing touch to creating a flawless factory finish.

Manchester Painting Spraying Project
Manchester Painting Spraying Project
Manchester Painting Spraying Project

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