Within 4 weeks, we have completely renewed the coating on this existing curtain walling to four elevations for Cetus Solutions Limited.

At this commercial property, the existing powder coating had failed which left the undersurface exposed to all elements – damp in particular. Over time, water has infiltrated itself under the loose coating, which has eventually lead to corrosion.

In order to treat and recoat this correctly, a step-by-step process is required to be carried out to ensure the ultimate high quality finish. To begin, we strip back the original coating – removing all corrosion. Following this, all existing surfaces are abraded and areas of corrosion are treated with a zinc primer, which is then sealed with a high quality top-coat product. This process will prevent future corrosion issues arising as the new coating acts as a barrier, stopping any water from penetrating the surface.

So, whether you’re a company looking to rebrand or a tenant renting a space, the exterior of your workplace speaks volumes. With us here at Technique Coatings, you can respray and transform with no mess or disruption to your business. The end result of your respray package is an investment to your company, making your curtain walling look like new alongside protection for the future.