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Kitchen Units, Replace or Respray?

Kitchen Units, Replace or Respray? We would all love a new kitchen, right? But as we know, replacing your existing kitchen is not only messy and time consuming but also extremely costly too!

Respraying your existing kitchen units provides the ultimate cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing it can be up to 80% cheaper in fact. Not to mention less hassle, no stress, less building work and no out-of-action kitchen.

Respray works are completed on-site with all units in-situ. Kitchen units are cleaned, masked and prepared prior to paint application, this includes removing all handles. The stages of masking and preparing are essential as this sets the foundations for which your coating will sit on for years to come. Using a 2K Enamel Paint and a HVLP Spray System, the coating is applied in stages, ensuring each stage is flawless before moving onto the next this achieves a pristine factory finish.

Once the respray is complete, the coating is touch-dry within ten minutes and cured fully within 3-4 days. Unlike DIY brush painting, your existing units are guaranteed to be left with an unblemished coating.

Worried about overspray? Don?t worry! Our HVLP Spray System (HVLP meaning High Volume Low Pressure) results in less overspray and a finer finish. As well as this, a full extraction system is used; meaning the minimal overspray which does leave the gun is caught and extracted through our system.

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