Shop Front Resprays

Here at Technique Coatings, we offer a professional high-quality service for the on-site respraying of existing shop fronts. Whether your shop front is beginning to look dated, or you are looking to rebrand, respraying provides a cost effective alternative to replacement. Our shop front respraying packages can cover; external framework, internal framework, entrance doors and shutters.

Working closely with both our Client and other trades, we can guarantee an exceptional finish with minimum disruption to business ? whether works commence inside or outside of normal working hours.

Ensuring the framework on your shop front is perfectly prepared is a key step to ensure a high quality coating.

All surrounding areas are masked and protected to ensure there is no danger of overspray. Any existing coating on the substrate needs to be sanded back until it is completely flat ? by completely abrading the surface, you?re ensuring a solid base for your fresh layer of product. Any dust or residue which is left from the abrasion process is removed and all surfaces are cleaned and prepared ready for product application. Using a HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray system, our product is applied in stages, ensuring each layer is perfect, before continuing to the next. Once our application is complete, our two-pack system is touch dry within ten minutes, promising a stress free service.

With our professional service, high-quality product and durable coating ? we are regularly requested to provide this service for Clients across the UK. Over our years of trade, we have built excellent relationships with numerous Clients and Contractors, leading to an abundance of shop front resprays to both local and nationwide companies including: McDonalds, Tesco, Costa Coffee and Pets at Home.

Contact us today to find out more information about our shop front respray packages and to receive a free no obligation quote.