As opposed to ripping out your existing fitted furniture and replacing it, why not get it resprayed?

This week our customer Sue from Rochdale wanted her existing cream wardrobes refreshing and revamping in RAL 9010 Pure White with a satin finish. With respraying her existing fitted furniture, Sue saved herself thousands and made old look just like new!

Check out these images below from fitted furniture respray we did saving her thousands on a new bedroom.

It makes complete sense to respray existing furniture rather than rip out, if the bedroom wardrobes are in good condition then just opt for the respray, it will completely change the outlook of your room and you’ll begin to love your space again.

If you have fitted wardrobes or other furniture that you think would benefit from on site architectural spray painting then definitely speak to a member of our team and we can come and site survey for you for free with no obligations whatsoever.