Aluminium Window Resprays

Aluminium Window Resprays

Aluminium proves a popular material for many commercial constructs. Over time, the bare metal or existing powder coating on commercial aluminium windows can become no longer aesthetically pleasing. Existing coatings may fade; suffer UV degrading, corrosion and aging ? which usually leads to replacement as an immediate resolution. However, with our on-site respray service to existing window frames, we can provide a cost effective alternative to replacement, and have works complete in just a fraction of the time.

Being the UK?s leading company for on-site paint spraying, we are regularly required to carry out a variation of aluminium resprays both internally and externally across the country. Restore your existing aluminium frames to their once flawless state, or update the colour to match new elements of your commercial property. All respray woks are completed on site, with minimum disruption to business and trade, leaving you with a flawless factory finish and a professional guarantee.

Replacing your aluminium frames is a highly costly and time consuming process. Anything which reduces the need to replace within the construction industry is considered a great investment. Respraying boasts a number of benefits to Clients who want to update and restore their commercial property, but without the mess, time and cost of new:

? No mess ? all surfaces and prepared and recoated in-situ
? Evening work available ? ensuring no disruption to your trade and full flexibility around your business and staff
? Flawless factory finish ? unlike brush painting, no marks are left behind
? Quick and efficient service
? Up to 80% cheaper than replacing
? Hundreds of colours and finishes to choose from ? making every respray personalised to suit your company

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